Using MOD for mastering

So, today I decided to try and revive some old recordings from my band. Using this pedalboard (and different settings) for some extra EQ, splash of reverb and the magical RMPro mastering plugin.
I used a DuoX set up as secondary soundcard on my machine and bounced the old recording to a new track in my DAW.

Has anyone else done similar things? Any tips for using MOD for mastering tracks? :slight_smile:


It’s actually interesting that you are doing this. I’m setting up a MOD DuoX in a kind of home studio setup to do exactly that in a sort of FX loop with the soundcard. It’s really interesting that you share here already a final product of that.
I would be nice to listen to the track in the version before this mastering setup and after, to comparison.

P.S.: the track does sound cool! For a while that I was listening a bit less Space Rock, but came back to it recently


I actually did all 6 tracks of that BC release :slight_smile:
Indeed a comparison with the raw recordings would be good.

Here is a link to the raw recording from the title track: Nextcloud


Awesome! Thank you so much!