Using MOD Dwarf to play Bolt Thrower / Honour

I used MOD Dwarf with a custom pedal board to play Honour from Bolt Thrower.
Here are some details:
On Linux, I used Pipewire Jack(version 0.3.79) is used with a 256 samples buffer size / 48000 Hz sample rate.
Default configuration of pipewire is used.
The backing tracks are played using TuxGuitar 1.5.4 with the 63mg The Xioad Bank soundfont.
The guitar is processed using MOD Dwarf and Guitarix 0.44.1. I used Guitarix just to adjust the level of the MOD Dwarf signal. No effect used in Guitarix and no Preamp used in Guitarix.
Everything is managed via Ray Session 0.13.0 manager and the sound is adjusted using non mixer 1.3.0.
The recording has been made using OBS Studio 29.1.2.

Fedora 37 has been used with some package from this personal repository have been used:

The website of this repository of packages is located here:

The last Fedora kernel is used: 6.4.13-100 on Fedora 37 wiht preempt=full option at boot time.

Here is the video: