Using midi generators with audio signal

I’m using the Gxtuner to send the guitar signal to some MIDI generators (strings, piano, etc…), it is usable but there is a small latency, is there any other way of doing this without using the Gxtuner? (Or just a better way of doing it?) I also tried cardinal mini but it’s way too complex for me. Any help?

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For me, gxtuner has worked well enough, and way better/faster than the audio to CV way. Especially the bass’s low notes are detected much better (for me, down to drop C, it works!). Can’t speak for cardinal, haven’t tried it, but it uses audio to CV at the beginning, so I guess it’s the same.

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oh wow, I had no idea the GxTuner could do this!! This has opened up a whole world of synth strings to me!! holy shit, this box just gets better and better :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hi everyone,
I gave it a try yesterday, but on my dwarf the delay feels quite substantial, even after activating the fast-note mode. I didn’t measure it, but it feels like half a second or so. Is this also the speed you are getting or is there a possibility to get it faster? It would be really nice, since it works well with bass-guitar as benzkji already said.

Yes, there is a delay. I did not really care, see below. Also, it does not take into account multiple same notes. And still quite shaky, not always detecting correctly. I would say it could be usable for strings (creating Chords with the MIDI chord generator…), but not really for more “attacky” sounds. We must accept that the challenge really is hard, my Eventide H90 is struggling sometimes as well.

…but, as I only want it to create some CC messages, controlling an audiovisual device, this is not an issue for me.

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