Using internal MIDI devices to switch between effects?

OK, I’ve been looking at a few pedals like the ZOIA and love how it’s possible to chain and trigger ‘pattens’ of effects - I also use Live and know about dummy clips and of course using a mapped midi device to trigger multiple effects.

I’m just wondering if there is either a midi device already available in the Duo that could be triggered or programmed to automate a series of effects combos as well as quickly switching between various effects chains…

I know of one real world example of this - a bassist called Chris Mapp from Birmingham who controls his board via a BOSS midi router - but a virtual solution in the Mod Duo would be awesome

Any thoughts or ideas welcome on this - cheers M

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MINDI may be the solution for you.

I used it to change setting in external pedals which have midi like my Whammy DT.

Cool - please explain? :slight_smile:

Hi MIke, I think you would have to connect the Midi Out from the ModDuo with the MidiIn from the ModDuo with a Midi cable. Connect the Mindi Plugin to Midi Out. Asign the Mindi Stomp Button with a ModDuo Footswitch. Open the Browser, select the parameter (controller) you would like to automate, select Midi Map and then press the respective Footswitch of the ModDuo asigned to the Mindi Stom Button. This should send out the Midi event from the Mindi and then back into the ModDuo. In theory. I have not done it.

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That’s actually the sort of idea I was thinking of - would take a bit of time to get my head around it but certainly worth trying - so you’d be sending MIDI out from a MIDI device in the MOD and back in to one of the pedals on your board in the Duo… time to experiment :slight_smile: