Using GUI without MOD Duo X

Is there a way to use GUI without connecting MOD Duo X?
It would be very usefull since creating a pedalboard is very time consuming and I have a lot of time when I could do it but not so many time when I can connect MOD (fo e.g. at work… :wink:

I know this:, but now is apparently for test purposes.


Thank you so much!!

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Can you download your own presets in the sandbox and then save them on your own mod device?

In general, I like the idea of creating presets on your own $computer, independent of the mod device, and then saving them to the mod device. To create basic ideas of effect wiring (effect blocks (*1)).
Also I would like to be able to create certain arrangements of effects and connections directly on the device.
(*1) Effect blocks:
You can select a range within a preset and move/delete/… in the GUI and/or save it separately as a new effect block. Within a preset you can then load individual effect blocks into the existing preset.


Do you know when it is possible to use it - I 've managed to use it once, everytime servers are full…

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Sometimes they were full. I suspect that it occurs in two cases:

  • They services really are full. So, there aren’t resources disposable now for dispose a instance for now;
  • The server is in maintenance.

Who know what are occurring is @falkTX (I think)

There seems to be a bug where some instances are not cleared properly and thus never free to use again.
I have just restarted them now


It seems it worked yesterday but today again all servers are full all the time.


can you reset sandbox, it does not work :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to change the tempo of midi tracks? I tried to change global tempo and it does not change the speed of a track - it would be nice to make them slower :slight_smile:

A question slightly out of topic here - for this type of case/question feel free to create a new thread, just keeps things easier to find for others and even for you :wink:
Are you using the MIDI File plugin? If yes, do you have the Host Sync turned on?

Yes, you are right, it might be a general case.
Yes, host sync is turned on (I use Midi file), but if I change global tempo (set to Internal) it does not affect the tempo at all. I test it on sandbox.

hmm ok. Maybe this is a bug, but on the sandbox. Are you using

no, it is just how it works. the midi file player plays songs as-is, it does not ever change tempo


I’ve tried here:

But I’ve just tried on and it does not work too.
I use it through mozilla and chrome.

@falkTX just answered you (I guess you both posted simultaneously)

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Just thought I’d reference this thread :wink:


still seems to be dead for me :S