Using footswitches to increase/decrease parameter?

Is there a way to have footswitches increase/decrease a parameter?

I would use it for an output volume but the concept is for any parameter.

What I would like to have are two footswitches where one will increase the volume and the other which will decrease the volume by whatever increments the plugin is set to.

I can think of three ways to possibly make this happen.

  1. A plugin is designed this way… Maybe a gain plugin that has two assignable switches where one increments the value up and the other down. However, this will require the footswitches on the Duo to be able to do momentary.
  2. Firmware update that will assign a parameter to two footswitches.
  3. Arduino programmed to act like a rotary encoder but increments up/down with footswitches.

Can anyone help me with this?

This can be achieved with MIDI on the Keith McMillen SoftStep 2.

How do I do it with the Softstep?

I have the softstep and it’s a great piece of gear but I prefer physical buttons. But if it will work with the KMI Softstep then I’m would like to give it a try.

@Skydiver Did you get anywhere with this?

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Unfortunately, no…

I’ve been away for a while so maybe there is something now.

I still come across situations where I want to turn up/down a parameter on the fly without a knob a the fly.

I’m pretty sure SS2 has a increment/decrement function wich can be used to send cc messages, if that’s what your’re trying to achieve?

I am using the MOD footswitch and hope they can implement this.