Using Expression Pedal to Step Through Options

Hi all,

in Max/MSP I am using an expression pedal to step through a range of options, e.g. 0-31 triggers one function, 32-63 the next, 64-95 the third, and 96-127 the fourth. What would be the best way to achieve this on the MOD? E.g. this would open/close the 4 outputs of the 4-Way Switcher. Another example is to have the same pedal control the looper, such as stop (on heel), record (on middle), play (on toe).

During performances I like to not think too hard of where the footswitches are, the best is actually if I have my foot on one single thingy. I know, it’s kinda esoteric. :wink:



I don’t have a device to test with at the moment but wondered if any of the options on this plugin could be useful for filtering on ranges of CC values.

I don’t have any experience here, but I’ve seen that people are using the CV plugins to achieve different kinds of filtering and automation. If you convert your MIDI to CV then you can use the other plugins for the logic bits (maybe a series of Range Dividers??)

Anyway, I felt compelled to answer because I found your approach entertaining. Kind of reminds me of upright / fretless bass players. Perhaps all the clearly marked boundaries on our instruments have been holding us back all these years. The microtonal enthusiasts knew what was going on all along, unconstrained by mere notes, gliding between pitches like surfers on a wave while the rest of us trudged around with our predictable rigid step motions. The coffee must be kicking in, and I digress…


The event filter is cool, I’ll try this out. I see a universe of options using the CV and MIDI tools, and will play around with it. I’ve performed with guitar, laptop and Max/MSP for 20+ years, and hope to emulate a few things on the MOD. But I haven’t looked into those options yet, and if I can do it easily without resorting to Max that would be nice. Plus, I’m probably getting a few more ideas by simply getting off of my usual path.

Oh, and don’t get me started on microtonal stuff yet. I need to think about that… ;-)))