Using CV modules for modulation, was: Negative values

Hi there,
I’ve just started to play with the cv out signals on the modx ans I’m very glad with it As a test I want to control my moduar synth by the LFO pluginn. This lfo generates values between -1 and 1 I use the attenuverter to amplify this to -10 to 10. I have a first batch ModX so the max output is +5V. Now all values below 0 result in an output voltage of +/- 0 Volt this limmits the usefulnes of the lfo. Because half the time the output results in a 0V value at the cv out connector. Is there a way to add a dc value to the output of the lfo so i could transform the range from -1 to 1 to lets say 0 to 2 where the value 1 represents a 0 value from the lfo?
btw: the dahdsr envelope appears not to have connectors. I use version

…I think this is related, but is it also possible to reverse the movement of the CC value in relation to it? I tried setting a CC value that went from 10 - 0 instead of the other way round and got an error… Having things going in opposite directions via LFO would be amazing, without having to rig up multiple LFOs :slight_smile:

Plugins should not have range -1 to 1, it is not something we will support.
We defined mod:CVPort as an extension of lv2:CVPort precisely because of this.
The LFO plugin you are using, is it from the MOD store?
Likely needs to be updated, so it sends out the correct (adjusted) values. The previous versions used -1 to 1, which we changed.

The Duo X cannot do negative voltages.

The trick for converting values I learned from @BramGiesen is to put a “control to cv” plugin with the wanted value offset, and connect both the LFO and this plugin to the same port.
Because the values get summed together, the “control to cv” basically acts as an offset value.
So having it at 5v together with the LFO, means the LFO will act as 0 to 10v signal.

I use the AMS LFO 2 from the Mod store. I also found a workaround by using the CV parameter modulation plugin, I managed to change the range from -1, 1 to 0 4 by setting the modulation depthto 200% and the parametervalue to 20 % although the arihmatic is not yet totally clear to me. But the use of the control to cv pugin is much easier and more straightforward
Thanks a lot and stay heathy