Using a MOD Dwarf together with other "modeler" pedals

I was wondering whether there are users of the MOD Dwarf who also use another of the current modeling and multi-effects pedals (Quad Cortex, HX Stomp, Kemper, ToneX, etc.) together with the Dwarf, and what - if any - advantages this approach might have?



I try do as much as possible on my Dwarf and so far I succeed but I can imagine that, depsite the use of the Portal plugin, processor power can be something you run into. You could offload Cabinet IR options to another device. added dvantage of that would be that you also have an instantanuous “cab less” unit to plug into a clean power amp and physical speaker setup while the IR unit could go into mixing desk on a gig. (or both, in parallel)

The Dwarf is very flexible with its routing options. it can work as a recording device, looper, as an effect in the effect loop of a different device etc. still, you could still run your favourite drive pedal in front of a Dwarf, use the 2nd in and out as an effects loop for other physical outboard stuff.

So, basically, the main advantages are:

  • For complex boards with a lot of modelling, offloading cpu load is an advantage.
  • For using physical gear that isn’t properly modelled (yet)
  • For a “scaled” setup with instant cab/cab less setups for every possible live situation (and routing options for dry/wets in recording situations)
  • for splitting up presets in constant sections and changeable sections without having to copy parts of your signal flows

I do this for the same reason, but also for pedals that I want immediate access to. I usually have a drive or a weird delay either in front of the dwarf, or I use a pair of I/Os as an FX loop.

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My original idea was to use Duo X with my Line 6 POD HD500X maybe in its effects loop so I could still use its wah and fuzz. The alternative was to use it as a midi controller for the Duo X but I haven’t tried it yet as life has gotten on the way :sweat:.

My main concern was latency and hopefully I’ll try it soon.


i recently had enough going on in my pedalboard, such that i had to split it between my DuoX and my Dwarf – the Dwarf provided reverbs, delays and a few other things after the DuoX. unfortunately, everything was still complex enough that i needed to run both devices at 256 frames so, yes, latency got pretty bad. i could put up with it for one show, but i’ve now simplified and am back on just the DuoX for my main board.

…all of that just to say: yup, if you’re chaining digital effects boxes, it’s easy for latency to get out of hand! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the info. Never been too picky with latency but yes it can really be a problem. We’ll see how it goes. :cold_sweat:


So I put the DuoX in the effects loop of the POD HD500X and works fine. The latency is barely noticeable and it doesn’t bother me at all.

I have the midi cable but I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll get into the wonderful world of midi another day lol. :scream:

I used the expression pedal in the POD as both wah and volume and works like a charm. The wah does exactly what is supposed to do in terms of sound and so does the volume. :blush:

I tried using the fuzz model in the POD into the DuoX but it didn’t work well. Sounds too muffled but maybe trying different fuzz models will get me there. It doesn’t clean up nicely with the guitar volume knob like when I use it with the POD amp models (finding a way to do this with the DuoX is my main concern so far as I’m used to play this way).

So it was a good experience overall!:sunglasses: No latency issues and sounds good (except for the fuzz thing :sweat:).


I use my Dwarf together with an Ampero Stomp 2. I use the Ampero Stomp 2 for amp simulator, cab, some boost and simple delay/reverb. Then I use the Dwarf to run all my modulations as well as some overdrives through it.

My chain is
Polytune3 Mini → Pitch Fork → Ego Compressor → Simble Overdrive → Dwarf In 1 (Quack, Wah, Whirly, Muff, Over Jay, OJD, The Rude) → Dwarf Out 1 → Ampero Stomp Input 1 (RC Boost, Volume, Amp sim, Cabinet → Ampero FX Send → Dwarf In 2 (CR-1, Phantom Zone, Larynx, Wov, Freezer, a faux HALO, Shiroverb) → Dwarf Out 2 → Ampero FX Return → (Reverb) → Out to speaker

The pros with this setup:

  • I get a very flexible pedalboard capable of doing most sounds pretty fast
  • I can make different presets in the Ampero Stomp 2 and switch out the amps while keeping all my modulations.

Cons with this setup:

  • The Dwarf doesn’t like not being first in chain. I have to adjust the inputs/output a lot to avoid hum and noise. Especially with the OverJay and The Rude. They produce a very loud and low hum. But I believe this has to do with the amount of gain on the signals between the two pedals. Still trying different things out, so I might sort it out.
  • It is a bit fiddly to have the Dwarf behave the way you want with MIDI-controls, but its doable.

I have never tried making the other way around yet, with the Dwarf doing the amp/cab and the Ampero doing the mods. But maybe one day :slight_smile:


Very interesting, thanks! I will try and use the Dwarf together with an HX Stomp…

My main concern is not immediately the potential for latency issues (as @Techno mentioned), but more the built-up of “noise” (as you also mentioned in your post). Will test this some more once I get my hands on a Stomp.

(Oh, and just to make clear: I am using this all for bass guitar).