User profile? plugin licenses on two devices?

Based on the threads I’ve looked at I’m not quite sure how this would be handled-- I am a Dwarf owner with a bunch of paid plugins, I bought a used Duo X. I am keeping and using both units, is it possible to transfer the licensed plugins I purchased on the Dwarf to my Duo X? I don’t think this Duo X or user had any paid plugins, or if so I would be happy to erase whatever they purchased and replace it with my own licensed plugins.

I’d also be happy if I could basically back up my Dwarf onto the USB drive and then load it all onto the Duo X… is that possible?

Thank you!

As far as I remember, paid plugins are tied to the device on which they are installed, so they cannot be transferred to another device (without help from MOD).


in the past, @falkTX has been happy to extend the licenses to all MOD units owned by one person… but he has to do it - it’s not an end user operation.

and, afaik, it’s not possible to backup/restore between different models of devices.


Thanks for the response, I’ll reach out with my serial numbers and see if Falk is willing to do that!


He will help you for sure, he has transfered licences between my dwarf and duox yesterday.


Yup, Falk did it for me too, all good-- except for the premium plugins that came as part of the kickstarter bonuses for the dwarf-- which makes total sense, and I certainly don’t mind getting the creator of the Looperlative (Bob, I think) another payment for his amazing work!!!