Use of MOD Dwarf plug-ins in DAW

Experts, Is there ANY way to use the same plug-ins in the MOD (I’m getting a Dwarf today) in my DAW in Windows 11? I’m using Studio One 5 (but also have REAPER and Cakewalk (BandLab version).

I hate to have a whole different sound using BIAS or such on my recordings and Dwarf for live.

Thanks, in advance…


Unless Studio One supports LV2 and/or Linux, very unlikely.

Some of the plugins are available in other formats, but not all of them.
The x42 collection has binaries for Windows x42-plugins

Recently I have been building these LV2 plugins for macOS and Windows, but without hosts/DAWs supporting LV2 directly, it can be a pain to have this all similar to MOD.

I think the closest we have at the moment is using a modular plugin host that supports LV2 (such as carla) and then load LV2 plugins inside.

Other alternatives:


Thanks, @falkTX! I appreciate the quick response. I’ll keep an eye on things. If you ever need testing, let me know. I’m a software architect, designer, developer by trade, but mainly work in leadership now. Would be glad to help if needed.

I’ve been playing for decades (mainly bass, some guitar), but love recording with the family (all musicians) and would love to help if you need anything.


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isnt tners a lv2 to vst wrapper? mentions it on reaper website

I don’t know. I looked at ardour, but it isn’t clear if LV2 works in it on Windows. I run Windows (some Linux and WSL, but mostly Windows). I work for Microsoft so it’s mostly Windows and WSL here. :slight_smile:

yeah, lv2vst works for general purpose plugins, but it easily breaks with plugins that do not follow the traditional 1-in-1-out or 2-in-2-out.
I have seen host support for MIDI plugins being very subpar for example, so JUCE ends up making dummy audio ports on this case. CV is also unsupported on anything not LV2 (VST3 has a special flag but most hosts cannot cope with it).

So I think the closest way would be a modular host that is also a plugin, which would allow to load and patch/combine plugins just like on the MOD platform. This would work on any DAW as long as the plugin loader supports a format supported by the DAW (so carla could fit, as it has a VST2 plugin version)

Biggest “issue” is most open-source projects (which MOD uses a lot) simply not caring about non-open platforms. So there is usually zero macOS and Windows support from those.
There can be a lot of patching just to get the plugins to build, and if they actually work or not is another question.
The fact that they do not work on macOS/Windows is often seen as a feature, not a bug


LV2 plugins work on any OS. Just like with VST, it just depends on what the target binary is.
Recently reaper added LV2 support, I have tested my own plugins there and works as expected.


if thats the case you could even use restream to port it into studio from reaper. I have used in with great sucess with ableton and other stuff including forte brainspawn. Can have multiple instances of both MIDI and audio. Proper hidden gem


If you use recent versions of reaper with linux you have native lv2 support.

I work for Microsoft, so I’m not going to run Linux full time. LOL

I run Windows 11 (or can back level to 10). I do have use WSL (Windows Subservice for Linux) with the new gWSL (native GUI app) support. So, I guess I COULD run a Linux DAW that supports it, like REAPER, just to try it.

reaper supports LV2 in all platforms, it is not specific to Linux.
But yeah, most of the plugins used in MOD were made with Linux in mind first.

how is the WSL performance audio-wise? can it run the kernel tick in lowlatency/1000Hz mode?

I haven’t tested it yet. Just re-built my machines with the External (Public) dev build so I’m not restricted with screenshots and like I am when running Internal builds. I’ll post how it goes. It’s mainly for dev tools and such that are *nix based (like macOS has had for some time) and I can say it is very performant on those tasks. I’m interested to see how it works with a GUI audio app now that feature is in public testing. ~ Vince


Reaper, Ardour, Carla, and Zrythm (using Carla internally) all should be able to run LV2 plugins on all platforms, although some functionality (like CV-ports) are Linux only (although maybe would work if you are running JACK?)

Element supports LV2, but currently only in their Linux builds (with some more pressure maybe they’ll enable it for other OSes).

There are several LV2 plugins in MOD that have been ported from their opensource VST, so you should be able to run the VST version in any DAW that supports it (think Dexed, NoiseMaker and others).