Use Duo for online jamming

It is possible to make low latency online jamming with jacktrip.
I think it’s possible to run it on Duo and connect Duo to the network.
Please let me know if you interested or already have a progress in that way.

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The v1.5.0 has an experimental feature using netjack. You have to enable it via settings screen: http://modduo.local/settings.

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Thanks! I’ll try later.
I haven’t tried jacktrip yet, but read that it is more optimised for internet and easier to setup,
while netjack is like for local networks.
The idea is to fill the list of buddy servers and then just plug and play with online buddies.

I’ll be very surprised if that is very feasible. Latency is bound to be horrible, like playing with your buddies on opposite sides of a football field. Not to mention random network jitter. But I’ve been wrong before so give it a go.

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You could try Reaper/ReaNINJAM to connect to Ninjam servers (ADSL or better) or Jamulus (very low latency required e.g. optical fiber). These two softwares are multiplatform and open source software and allow for jamming over internet.

Reaper and Jamulus can use Jack (Mac, Linux or Windows) so you could use netjack to connect jamming application to MOD Duo but i did not tried this kind of configuration yet.

That works for me but there is a lot of xrun on slave computer and CPU heavy loads on MOD Duo sometimes.

The sound is good enough for jamming anyway on my setup.

  1. Go to advanced tabs settings: http://modduo.local/settings.htm

  2. check Jack Net Manager (Experimental)

  3. Kill all instances of jackd and start Jack as slave on the computer connected to the MOD Duo:
    killall jackd
    jackd -R -P 80 -d net -a -C 2 -P 2 -i 1 -o 1 -l 4 -n mod-slave -s

Go to your pedalboard and connect Hardware slave inputs to hardware Mod Duo outputs

If you don’t see the Slave inputs, try to reboot the MOD Duo with NetJack checked. (Click the reboot MOD button in basic tabs settings: http://modduo.local/settings.htm

I tried successfully Reaper/ReaNINJAM on Ninjam local server but Jamulus should work the same.

With this method (NetJacking), you can have a playback with audacious (for example, it supports jack at least on Linux) to your MOD Duo Headphone and outputs.