USB with MPC One

One interesting thing I discovered this morning, in case anyone runs into something similar. I have my Dwarf plugged in (via USB) to my MPC One (for the MIDI routing). Apparently, the MPC will lock up upon boot if the Dwarf is plugged into it. I’m assuming that it has to do with the virtual network interface. It would be nice if there was a 3rd mode in the USB configuration (MIDI only) for people that exclusively use bluetooth for access to the config gui, but that’s not a huge deal.

Just passing it along in case someone sees some weird behavior with the Dwarf plugged into non-computer devices.

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I have an MPC live, and I think they now use external audio devices, so the MPC is probably trying to treat the Dwarf as an interface and conks out.

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Out of curiosity and since I have a Dwarf and MPC One, I decided to check this out. My findings:

On Mod firmware and MPC firmware 2.10.0, I had no problems connecting to the MPC One in all 3 behavior modes (network, net + MIDI, net + MID (Win)). I did, however, have to unplug the power to the Dwarf each time I changed behavior settings as it would get stuck on the boot screen (yes, the MPC was powered down when it locked on boot). After power cycling, it came up just fine in the new mode.

I then realized I needed to update to the latest Mod firmware. Updated to No issues in any of the 3 modes nor did the Dwarf freeze on reboot.

I’m not using Bluetooth, though. So I’d guess that’s the issue?

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Have you tried @bleo suggestion? Does that work for you?