USB MIDI Configuration

The Mod Duo (and Dwarf once I receive it) are absolutely looking like total saviors for my live setup. I currently have my Livid Guitar Wing, Dirtywave M8 synth/tracker and Disaster Area Designs MIDI Baby all connected to the Duo via USB (powered hub) as well as incoming MIDI via the DIN connection. It looks like this:

It all works perfectly… until it doesn’t. Occasionally, if I need to unplug/restart one of these devices connected via USB, I cannot get them to reconnect and be recognized without restarting the Duo. There are also other times when I do reconnect them just fine, but for some reason the internal routing in the Duo is not restored and I have to open the editor and route the wires again. And finally, there are times when I can disconnect and reconnect them without issue. I can’t seem to figure out what scenario differences are causing the reconnection failure vs. success. Unless I can get things to reconnect consistently (and preferably w/o a laptop), there’s no way I can risk taking the Mod Duo on stage with me.

Anyone have any advice for me to get rock solid reconnection behavior? And will the Dwarf be able to manage these connections without the web editor?

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This is with the “separate MIDI mode” right? Does the same happen with the “merged” mode?

I dont think we tested having 4 midi paths all on at the same time, maybe there is a limit on many devices we can connect, will need to check on this.

Thanks for the reply! Indeed this is in separate mode. I did seem to have a breakthrough late last night that I will test more extensively today: it seems if I simply reload the pedalboard, the internal wiring connections are consistently restored! I’ll also see what happens when I switch snapshots…

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Oh that would be nice to know!
If reloading the pedalboard works, then it would mean it is a problem with the logic of restoring previously-used/connected MIDI ports (under MIDI separated mode) and not with more deep system things.
As this can be a problem from 2 sides - the drivers/system giving a non-expected name to the MIDI port, or the logic in our MOD software not catching all edge cases.
If you what you say is correct, then it is for sure the 2nd case.

OK did more testing: no matter what I unplug/reconnect, all internal MIDI routing is restored 100% when reloading the pedalboard. However, nothing is restored when switching snapshots. Hope that helps!

Yes, thank you.

I have 3 usb thingies that can act as MIDI devices, so I can test with them.