Usb, iPad, iMac and synths

Im using my mod duo x with different devices here in my home studio and Im trying to figure out the best solution with cable management etc.

Right now I have my Mod Duo X connected to a USB hub where I connect my synths, and then I have a cable from my Mod Duo X into my iMac for using the web-interface.
Are there any way that I can connect my iPad to the USB hub also to send/receive midi from that as well?
Ealier Ive used my Ipad with the USB hub and then used a midi din cable->USB for connecting the duo x to the usb hub, but I dont always use my iPad in the setup, and its nice to always have my synths connected to the duo x…

Another thing, I can see its possible to connect the duo x with a bluetooth dongle to use the web-interface, but then its using the only usb slot that are also used for connecting synths.
Is it possible to connect the bluetooth dongle to the usb hub or am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Sorry for my long and complicated message, I hope that you can make some sense out of it, and can help me out :slight_smile:
Have a nice evening

Yes. And honestly, this is probably the best for your use case.

Just to be completely sure, before I will order a bluetooth dongle. Your reply is to that it is possible to connect the bluetooth dongle to the USB Hub, right? :slight_smile:


I personally used an Arturia MIDI controller, a 12 Step from McMillen and the Bluetooth dongle all connected to a USB hub that is connected to my ModDuo.

It all works very well :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Then I only need to find a way to connect the iPad to the USB hub as well, any ideas on how to make that happen? :slight_smile:

Which app are you using on the iPad to send and receive MIDI? If that app supports MIDI over USB it should be simple, just connect it and it goes.

I use AUM but the Mod Duo doesn’t show up in MIDI ROUTING :thinking:


I don’t know the app, but how do you have the Duo connected to the iPad? Using some MIDI interface?


Hey mate,

If you can give a gist of how you have everything hooked up, it will be super useful.

I use AUM for all of my recordings and can experiment a little on my end if I know a bit more about your connections

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sorry if i get in the way, personally i am using this…

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