USB audio on Windows: Jack works better if audioGadget is enabled. Good! But why?

Hi! I was tinkering with USB audio on windows, and at some point achieved quite good permormance with Jack netmanager. Didn’t track back what I did exactly.
Then, after updating to 1.12.2, it started glitching and popping again. Reapplied my changes - it was this: I allowed netmanager to start simulatneously with gadget by patching /etc/systemd/system/jack-netmanager.service and put the enable-* files for both in /data. I reverted and reapplied it several times - same result!
Apparently simply having the gadget enabled, makes netmanager work better (no audio goes through the gadget in my setup). I’ve no idea why, but maybe MOD team would get some helpful insights from this…