Usage of Keith McMillen 12 Step

Hi everybody,

I just ordered a Mod Duo and have yet to receive it. I got it primarily for the effects (to use on my bass).

I am also interested in using my 12-step with it. I have yet to see any examples of how some of the virtual instrument plugins sound. My main, and final, question is…can I set things up so that when I change the “preset” on the 12 Step pedal it would also change the pedalboard on the Mod Duo?

(Or possibly vice versa? With the Mod Duo being able to change the 12 step preset?)

I’ve seen some people are using soft step, but not much about 12 Step. I will get my Mod Duo in like 10ish days, so I’ll start to experiment then, but I was just wondering if anybody already had any answers.


I’ve been using the 12 step with it a bit.

You need the KMI MIDI expander to connect, as it won’t recognise the 12 step on its own.

I haven’t gone into setting up patch changes or cc messages yet so not sure how that goes.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the info. I actually haven’t gotten my MOD in the mail yet. (Maybe this week I hope!)

Luckily, I already have the KMI MIDI expander. Let me know if you do get your 12 step to switch pedalboards. That is my initial interest in regards to the 12 Step.

I think you should be able to plug in the 12 Step with the USB to the DUO.

I have a softstep and plug right into the USB.