Unplugged input noise signal

Hi I’m trting to make a good recording of my acoustic violin for custom IR purpose.
In the trial I’ve noticed that neverthless there’s nothing plugged in the input 2, some noise exit from it.
I share a pedalbord for the audio signal:


the first part is my that bolw in the Mic (input 1), the second is Dwarf make noise from the empty input 2.
the “meter” plugin confirm that strange behaviour.
I’m quite ignorant in elettronics and sound processing, am I missing something?
Is there an existing topic or a Wiki page to read?
Is a problem of my unit or you can replicate it?

thanks, also for interpretate my bad English

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There might be a ground-loop or the gain-staging is not fine. My Dwarf makes absolutely no noise, so, this is doable.
The ground loop can be avoided by using another power supply. Please check this.
The gain staging: Please take care that also the gain staging between the single effects is fine, not only at the beginning or the end of the pedalboard. Try to turn gain down and try to balance it properly in the effect-chain.


thanks for your reply @Kim ,
regarding gain in this pedalboard I think that’s not the problem… it’s empty and before the dwarf I have directly plugget a SM-57. Input 1+2 gain on dwarf is set to 0. I made the some test with my elettric guitar putting the guitar volume to 1, same result.
Also inverting input nothing change.
I’ve tried to use a XT-Power powerbank, I thought it should avoid ground loop (isn’t it?), but the “phantom noise” is still there;
Thomann NT 1215, is in my shopping basket from before my dwarf arrived, i had reed your post some time ago but I tought it was another the issue at this time… probably the time to purchase it is came.

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