Uni-Vibe plugin

Hi I am new to mod dwarf. I am searching for a Univibe plugin, an effect I use quite a lot. The only thing I came across was the Mud plugin, but this is still far away from the real univibe or plugins like the one available in Helix. Does anyone have a advice for me?


I’ve never used a Univibe, it’s some kind of vribrato ?

If so you could try this one :

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Oh nope, it’s more like a phaser-chorus… to emulate a leslie :

There is these maybe ?


To be honest the modulation part of the effects needs a bit of attention! They are ok but maybe Shiro can help out! :slight_smile: (Along with some nice vintage delays like Binson and Echoplex emulations)

Why not try the rotary speaker?

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Yes. i know Univibe was made to imitate a rotary but at the end it has his unique sound…

This one ?

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That’s what they said they tried and wasn’t nearly close enough.

Big rabbit hole ahead…

this really gets down into the weeds!