Undo function on the GUI

Does the “Undo” (+ Redo) fonction exist on the GUI ?

Thank You


It does not.

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I would find such a function useful when creating new pedalboards. Would this be possible in a future update?


It would take a bit of programming work to setup the undo logic for each “undo-able” action in the interface and some supporting code for managing and applying the list of undo operations when needed. Some actions might be obvious and easy to support - undo cable drop for example. But if over the course of a minute I turn some dials, hit some footswitches, open a plugin’s parameters, start the transport, and rock an expression pedal - what does the undo list look like at that point? There would likely be a lot of design decisions to meet user’s expectations for different contexts.

Without having undo, you can lean on using snapshots a little bit. For example, you could take a snapshot every few minutes or after what you deem is each “undo-able” change. This way, you can at least get back to known good states if you want to experiment.


Basically managing a simple undo feature is managing a stack and writing undo methods for each undoable action, not rocket science ?

Said the product manager before delivering the feature 3 months late and 75% over budget


Ha Ha, I was programming 6502 and z80 may be before your birth, millions editor lines in fingers for bank, telecom, web, cloud, mobiles, etc. :wink:
I am certainly not a marketing guy, and you ?
I was believing this forum was implying some ‘retenue’ ?

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The base architecture we have was not made with undo/redo in mind.
As such, implementing that now would need quite the rework.

So being realistic, it is better to say this is not coming anytime soon.
Not until a MOD 2.0 or something.


The team awaits your pull request :slight_smile:

(while working their ass off for the upcoming releases for which the features are already set)


In software this has been always the case since this industry has been funded…
Let’s … dream, my idea was just an idea, a good to have, I hope you understood ?

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Yes of course, there are millions more ideas than the time or man-power to pull off.

Just realize that the MOD software platform is free and opensource software and anyone can modify/fix/improve/refactor/experiment/break the code. It’s not like with any other company where you just dump your feature request and pray someone will some day work on it.

If you really want to see a certain feature, then there is actually a chance to get it done!
(but may need you to invest your own time and effort and not just dump it on the team)


That is interesting indeed, more realistic than rework the framework. An “undo mode on” feature could save the snapshot on a separate log file so every time you save a snapshot, an entry with current settings is added to the log file. Then you can recall a previously saved snapshot looking through the entries sorted by save time. Every snapshot could be saved on a timer basis too.


Sorry but Mod Device is a private company or should I have missed something ?
You seem to be always complaining on the quantity of work to do, be assured that I understand it based on all my years in software development open or not.
As already said may be I was writing 8080 assembler before your birth.
So I will no more exchange with you on this dervied subject.

Back to undo, yes, as @redcloud said, a solution on automated periodic snapshots could be an interesting turn around to provide this feature.

How is that relevant? You can open a pull request on the repositories if you have improvements to share. Many other projects are only “source available” with no such options for collaboration being there.

Of course we can first take our time to think about all the different designs that could implement this kind of feature, especially if it means overhauling the internals of the current software stack.

My suggestion would be to compile such ideas into a GH issue (but maybe the team has a different idea).

Afaik snapshots only take into account parameter settings, not plugin connections or which plugins are placed on the pedalboard.

Without finishing the flame war in this thread, is a MOD 2.0 or Dwarf Squared a consideration at this point?

Asking for me, as my friends are lame and don’t have sweet MOD devices.

What do you mean here?

We have a roadmap full for this year, from v1.11 with internal processing and plugins being able to display things on screen, to v1.12 with in-screen pedalboard constructor (aka pedalboard blocks) to finally figuring out usb audio among other things.

This is not something we consider “2.0” quite yet. It is a bit pointless to speak of that for now, let’s get the Dwarf working as nicely as possible first, then backport everything else to Duo [X].


Ah the dwarf squared comment was a joke, basically a 2.0 for down the road.

Dreadbox started including CV ports on some of their pedals, I don’t know why, but the idea of a MOD device that has multiple 3.5mm cv ports just seems to tickle me.

I promised my wife I wouldn’t go modular, so I’m missing out on the awesome module effects that get created.

I know MOD devices is focused more around guitars, but a synth focused desktop hardware version for modular gear would be a neat thing to get my hands on. I know empress is attempting it with their euroburo soon.

Maybe one day, for now, I’m loving my dwarf, and it’s gotten me in front of my gear way more than I was before.


That would be the DuoX. More powerful, desktop design with more controls and it has dual CV input and output.

Of course you could also use a midi-to-cv converter to control any external gear.

I looked at it, and it seemed nice, just not what I am seeking. I use a CV.OCD from six4pix and it does great for midi routing to my semi modular gear. Ideally I want a MOD device that has multiple 3.5mm ins for audio processing.

I’m gonna experiment more with the dwarf, but I need to find a particular stereo splitting adaptor that goes from 6.3 male to two 3.5 female. I’m hoping that will allow me to use the left and right channel cables in the GUI to run 4 mono effect chains.

Anyway, super off topic now. Sorry about that

The Dwarf is stereo, or rather: it is a pair of mono in/outputs

btw I also have a cv.ocd that I plan to integrate with a MOD-v-eurorack setup