UI - wish for "Restore Preset"

restoring to the last state of “saved preset” would wildly improve
(it forces to load the preset from the MOD Device)

imagined here:

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You mean like a undo-redo feature ?

We have the feature in place actually, but only accessible through the device menus on Duo and Duo X units, under “current pedalboard” there is a “reset state”.

The feature was rarely used, so didn’t make it to the Dwarf.


I find that if I have a snapshot loaded, I can change some settings and then loading the same snapshot again reverts to the last saved state. Is this what you’re referring to @Kopplog?

I would love this on the Dwarf, I know I could use snapshots, but this would be more straightforward. This ship may have sailed, but if there’s a chance that you’d bring it back for Dwarf, I am one user who would be happy— though I think I may have to start looking at used Duo X’s soon anyway as I’m using the Dwarf more on a desktop or stand, and could use the extra outputs, cv, and cpu…

I just open up the pedalboards in the bottom and click on the current one to reset to the saved state I believe unless I’m missing something?