Two-way Midi Mapping

Hi Mod Devs!

First of all, thank you for a wonderful product and all the awesome updates, LOVE the mod duo! The only thing that’s keeping me from using it full time is the lack of two-way midi parity. I use the Midi Fighter Twister to control my amp, pedals, and EQ. Unfortunately, when I switch pedalboards or presets, the Twister controls no longer accurately represent the new knob positions within the Mod. Could the mod please broadcast it’s updated midi positions on preset changes? Pretty please :slight_smile:

Any insight where this falls on the dev team’s priority list? I really don’t want to switch to a kemper :moneybag:

Thanks again for the great work, love love love my Mod Duo!


My setup:

And my midi fighter twister mappings:


Not really what we’re looking for:

This has not been considered before, I believe.
You might be the first one asking for such feature (though I can be wrong of course)

There is a sorta technical issue here, where we do not have a way to specify which MIDI ports to broadcast this information to.
Would it be okay to send this information to all connected MIDI devices (that can receive data) ?


Absolutely, that would be perfect.


Maybe there could be a global setting to disable midi broadcast if that behavior isn’t desired in some setups–though midi parity is the norm when mapping midi controls in DAWs and other contexts so it’s probably not a real concern.

We are not completely pairing in&outs at the moment though. Internally, things are still a bit separated, legacy from the days when the MIDI devices only sent data but did not care to receive anything

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I’m currently trying to get some interaction with the Roland FC-300 (see 2. at
If a solution is going to be invented, maybe it makes sense to make the feedback somehow mappable to specific MIDI commands.