TWEAKER powered by AIDA-X

We’ve just dropped an update for your favorite guitar plugin – TWEAKER powered by AIDA-X! :control_knobs::loud_sound:

Say hello to the new SDX High Gain Channel, cranking up your Tweaker to deliver killer high-gain tones like never before. :metal:
We’ve also added some fresh vibes with the NEW Bright Channels, giving you a range of sparkling tones and crystal-clear cleans. :star2:

Upgrade your Egnater Tweaker experience, explore the new sounds, and jam like never before with AIDA-X’s latest update. Hit play now and let the music do the talking! :notes::sparkles: #AIDAX #EgnaterTweaker #GuitarPlugin #NewChannels #HighGain #BrightChannels #GuitarTone

VIDEO by @deerinkstudios
thanks to @holkarmusic


Cool! I think the Tweaker can really benefit from a bright channel :love_you_gesture:t6:

Nice! Ought to check it out soon!

can somebody please build a pedalboard with it? I tried to get a high gain tone out of it, but I can not. The british voiced channel is much more high gain.

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right. You have to dial in the gain pretty high to get to that. Or boost it with the pre EQ or a TubeScreamer.

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Nice, sound reminds me of Cult Of Luna :slight_smile:

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I also really liked the tune, is there more to hear in the interwebs?

thank you, but HiGain for me sounds different. I would like to have tones like Soldano100, Dual Rectifier, 5150… I think the MOD does good in clean and almost break up tones but not in HiGain. I have modelers from headrush, hotone, mooer. They do it much better. The Marshall from AIDA is quite good too. Hope there will be updates in the future for real High Gain.

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thanks. Unfortunately not - we are slow when it comes to recording. We have a few other songs in the pipeline but yeah. We will release this song in April - if I get around mixing it and stuff.

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right. Tweaker isn’t really you typical hi-gain amp.
We have the premium model of the 6505+ we haven’t released yet.
The rhythm channel on the amp is broken so it would be kind of missing stuff.


sounds amazing. hope you can fix this very soon!

I made a quick board with the peavey. It sounds awesome! Please more of these high gain amps!!


I just tried it. I loved it and I’m not even that much into high gain lol. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you!

I tried that and it really makes a difference. Thanks for the improvement!!