Tutorial: controlling multiple plugins at once

…bumping a rather old topic here, but i think it makes most sense! :wink:

do we have any movement towards custom CC assignment, and/or the possibility of addressing more than one control with either one CC message, or with one physical (Device or ControlChain) control?


I also would like to assign multiple controls to a single MIDI CC! :vulcan_salute:t4: :love_you_gesture:t4:

(And the ability to merge midi signals would be useful as well!)


superb, thanks

Currently on the dwarf, is it not possible just to use a 3.5 stereo jack cable to loop the mini-midi in/out ports and use a midi pluggin to multiplicate a given CC message into as many as needed ?

@Azza that is possible. But you have another way that saves you the cable and the connectors…the Virtual MIDI Loopback does exactly that.
The multiplication part is what I’m not 100% sure. Why would that be better than the CV method? (honest question, I feel that I’m missing something)

I’m still to catch up on the possibilities offered by CV. And yes, I forgot about the Virtual MIDI loopback (which I knew about actually).

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Can anyone suggest a way to map a mid CC ‘inversely’ to a parameter? for instance, on one plugin i want one of my midi expression pedals to simultaneously increase the gain of a dry signal and decrease the gain of a wet signal… another pedal i want to decrease the cutoff frequency of a lowpass filter while also increasing the gain a little bit to maintain overall volume… I get an error if the minumim value is larger than the maximum. Every DAW can handle inverse ranges, surprised the MOD software can’t handle mappings this way. Is there a workaround with the midi utilities?

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I disagree with this. All other software I have used allows mapping controls via midi learn to midi CCs already assigned elsewhere. I think it’s more confusing if this is not allowed.


I do it this way:

Control TO CV (translates CV from midi cc)

Then use CV Parameter Modulation has two parameters:

  • PARAMETER: This sets the value of the assigned plugin parameter, before modulation is applied.
  • MOD. DEPTH: This sets by how much the input signal will be multiplied. If this parameter is at zero (center), the output will always be equal to PARAMETER.

So the output would be *PARAMETER + INPUT . DEPTH

e.g. if parameter (your midi cc value) goes from 0 to 127 and you want an output from 127 to 0 you can set PARAMETER=127 and DEPTH=-100%

If you want an output from 100 to 0 you can set PARAMETER=127 and DEPTH= -0,79 (more or less -100/127)