Tuner for the stereo mix?

This might be quite a narrow edge case, but with a stereo instrument (like chapman stick that I have) - it would be nice to have an option for tuner to work not only with input 1 or input 2, but to be also able to work with a mixed stereo sound from the both inputs 1+2.

It is the same instrument after all, half of the string go to in1 and half of the strings to in2, and to tune all the strings I need to switch inputs in the middle.

Being quite new learner for stick I am still using tuner to locate some notes on the fingerboard and check my guesses about note locations, and that’s the moment where I have to toggle inputs quite often.

Not really a big deal, but if it is something easy to implement, that would be nice to have.


If I’m not mistaken, there isn’t a stereo output (but I only have a dwarf). The hardware design is such that the two channels are independent mono. Even the headphone out is 1 channel per ear. How do you handle tuning when not using the MOD? (I’d assume a mixed down mono signal?)

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I am not sure, unfortunately what exactly I have explained badly, so I will rephrase my case, hoping that this will answer your questions.

Probably I should call this topic “Tuner for both inputs simultaneously” instead of “stereo”, as stereo might be a misleading term, while we have actually two mono channels.
I am asking about the tuner that is embedded into DuoX itself.

Currently it can listen for duo’s input 1 OR input 2, but not both in the same time:

In the exotic case of mine, my instrument has 10 strings, composed of two groups of 5 strings each. Each group has it’s own electric pickup and it’s own output, connected to two inputs of MDX device:

My wish is that MDX tuner would be able also to listen to both of MDX inputs in the same time, so I would be able to determine pitch on all the strings without switching inputs in the tuner settings. I really like the MDX tuner, that’s already helping me a lot, but currently I do not have access to tuning all the strings seamlessly. Not a big problem though, it is a request about making already good thing just perfect.

Before using MOD, I was using tuner in DAW with the both channels mixed into single mono after the effect chain, but it was messy because it was measuring sound with effects.


Ah, I understand your configuration. AFAIK, there’s no way to do what you describe, but I’ll let the MOD folks give a more definitive answer.


Getting it implemented in the stock tuner will be up to the dev team.

In the meantime, you could try the x42 “tuna tuner” plugin in the beta store. You should be able to route 1+2 into its input.

You probably won’t be able to use it without the webgui (as of right now) but it’s an immediately available solution at least.


I’m pretty sure you’re required to post pics of your rig here :stuck_out_tongue: When I was a teenager, I really wanted to get a stick, but that was pre-internet, and there were no dealers anywhere near where I lived :frowning:


This is indeed not possible, but it should be so hard to set up. I saved it in our feature requests :slight_smile:


I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to have a 3 way toggle

  • Input 1
  • Input 2
  • Input 1+2

I’m not sure though, @Jan ?


Doable for sure, but one can argue if simply summing input 1 and 2 is the right call here.

Talking a bit with the rest of the team, it would probably make more sense to have an ‘auto’ mode which detects where the signal is coming from.

Not something for now, but we mapped it in our backlog :slight_smile: