TTAP sync to Global Tempo?


I know this plugin is still in beta, but I’m missing the option to translate value to musical tempo on the TIME parameter … Is it planned for the future version?




Yes. We do planned to have tempo sync on this one :slight_smile:


Am I missing the sync option in the interface or something? I could use CV but I feel like it’s gotta be there based on this thread and the info pane…

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If I don’t mistake, you get the sync by “syncing” the time to the master tempo on the assignment of the time parameter


@jon Ok thanks I had to update TTAP— which I did by saving my pedalboard, then opening a new board, then going to the store and updating, then going back and reopening the pedalboard I’d been working on. Weirdly, I then had to take the pedal off the board, update it again from the plugin store page, then put a new instance of TTAP in the board in order for the updated version to show up. Is this expected? Did I miss a step? I shouldn’t need to re-implement every pedal I’ve updated, right? Thanks!


@jon - This is amazing, it works for Gaffa also, which is one feature I was missing! Thank you!

Just some feedback on that way of syncing time:

  • That isn’t a terribly intuitive way to do it - I have been wanting that feature in Gaffa and had no idea it was already implemented.
  • Unless I’m missing someting, the way this is implemented makes it to where you can’t change the time division from the device itself without the webGUI. (for example changing from 1/4 note to dotted 8th with a knob)

agreed, it would be fantastic to be able to map those note divisions… but I didn’t realize this was how Gaffa did it either… d’oh! Thanks…


Indeed you shouldn’t. The issue was most likely outdated plugins. Perhaps to refresh in all your pedalboard you would need to reboot the device. Did you do that?

Noted. I understand what you mean.

As you are synced to the master tempo, you need to do this assignment in the master tempo

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That is not the same as changing the subdivision of the delay. I should be able to have 1/8 note delay while leaving the beats per bar untouched - otherwise any other time-synced plugins also change their behavior.

The part that needs to be assignable for this is in your previous screenshot, the dropdown list that is currently set to ‘2T’


Select “sync to host tempo” in the adressing dialog and choose a button or knob before pressing save, that way you will get the list of subdivisions adressed to your device.

I agree that this is not an ideal user experience, and it is on our list of things to improve. The target being having a “sync” button next to the relevant parameters in the plugin settings screen, which would then turn the knob into a list of subdivisions. This list could then be mapped to a control with the usual workflow.



Ok wow, I did not see that, that’s great!

Sorry for being oblivious.