Trying a better way to embed pedalboards

Just doing some testing, feel free to ignore.
Trying to come up with a way so that pedalboards display better, and have the audio playable directly from within the forum. Might take a few tries…

The pedalboard itself is not from me, dont be mislead by its text… it just shows the pedalboard comment as-is


Great idea!

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same link as regular page

and then as iframe content

seems like we always need a bit of custom <iframe ... for it :thinking:

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ok so this is the simplest we can make it work for now, without spending considerable time on it.
should be quite easy to do, just needs tinkering to find the correct height to use.

Step 1: find a pedalboard you want to share
Step 2: add /iframe at the end of the URL when viewing a specific pedalboard
Step 3: write an iframe element directly in the forum post, like so:

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="715"

Feel free to try!


Would be perfect if it also had a link to the page like the old version.

The new version is fine, but the only link there is the “try now” button which is not of much use if I’m browsing the forum from a computer without a mod device attached.

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ah indeed. so we can just have a “see more” button along-side the “try now”. that takes us to the pedalboard page for it.
should be quite simple to do… (best part is, no forum post needs to change, only the pedalboards site side changes and that is reflected when opening the forum posts again)

EDIT: A “see more” button is in there now!


This is just perfect!!


Nice :slight_smile:

Nicer :grin: