Try mod - two users at this same pedalboard

I just had a really funny situation - I’ve tried to build a pedalbaord via try mod site but it seems there is another user which works on this same page (he is for sure a bass plyer :wink:

How is it possible?

It is expected.

There is only a single session happening at, so if two persons are connected at the same time, they are sharing the session.

It’s sort of a Google Docs, but for pedalboards :slight_smile:


Good to know. I ve tried to chat with the second user via Notes but no luck :wink:

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It’s almost quite magical to see the pedals and knobs move around on their own.

Not a bug and definitely a feature!


is there a way to use try mod when there is a second user? Setting a new pedalboard? The one is working at this moment is very possessive :DDD

My company is shutting down our Miro account and we’re looking for an alternative collab tool. MOD online pedalboard is now on the list of options :stuck_out_tongue:


It is really handy to communicate with virtual sticker notes :smiley:


We will actually package it into a new feature called “Random Generative AI” :joy: