Trs expression pedal (mod dwarf)

Can I connect the TRS out of an expression pedal to the midi in of the MOD DWARF to control the pitch of the “super whammy” plugin?

For example this pedal AMT EX-50 Expression Pedal – Thomann Italia

I am not an expert, but I think not— as it’s not sending midi signals. Something like this (see link below) may work to put in between the pedal and a midi port, but I’m not entirely positive. I’m sure someone else with more knowledge will weigh in soon…

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In my opinion this could work by taking ControlVoltage plugins. Send the midi to the CV plugin (e.g. Control to CV - MOD Devices) and connect this to the Whammy. This should work.

No it needs a midi pedal only Im afraid

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It will just work if the expression pedal sends MID out. The MOD Dwarf MIDI ports are prepared to receive MIDI and not other types of signals/messages.

Ok so I can’t connect an expression pedal that uses a trs cable. Theres a workaround or others ways that enables me to use an expression pedal? Thanks

The Duo X has expression pedal input, the Dwarf does not.

The only way would be via a prodped as was linked earlier. That would convert an expression input to a configurable midi output that you can link to a parameter inside MOD.

Yes. If you have some DIY skills and experience with Arduino, you can get the Arduino Shield and follow this tutorial.
Currently, we don’t have the Arduino Shield listed on our website (due to some works on the website) but feel free to DM me and I can arrange an order. We have some in stock :wink:

This looks good, looks like it should output midi cc

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