Triggering / Resetting a LFO

Hello there,

I need a advice on how best to trigger a LFO (pushing one of the switches will do) on demand so that the frequency starts at the top of the cycle and decreases.

I will try explain that again: IThis LFO is driving the frequency cutoff of a resonating filter. When the effect quicks in, I want the frequency to be at the highest value of the LFO wave.

I suppose what I am asking really is what to feed the LFO reset input.

Cheers !


Hello @RDNZL ,

so you want the AMS LFO2 to start at the maximum amplitude.
If the LFO starts at the arithmetic mean value you want to forward it by 90°.
I don’t know exactly why the phase control values are going from 0 to 6.28 and what value would correspond to 90°.
You might want to trigger the AMS VCO2, though.

I don’t know if my answer is helpful, maybe someone more experienced might chime in here.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Triggering an envelope instead of an LFO might give you the result you are after?


Indeed, and that would be a far simpler solution in fact.