Triggering loading a pedalboard via network/USB?


I know - this is not the normal use-case, but perhaps there is a simple way…

I need the possibility to change a pedalboard via network - perhaps by calling a “special” URL?
And perhaps parameter changes within a pedalboard may also be done via URL?

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot,

This is really unsupported…

But you can do this:
1- reset/clean all plugins:
$ curl -G

2- load pedalboard (inside mod)
$ curl -F ‘bundlepath=/root/.pedalboards/default.pedalboard’

Great - pedalboard changes are working! Very nice - many thanks!!!

… one thing: After “reset” the UI shows cables and the “old” name:

After reloading the web page all “cables” are away. I will check if this also happens on the MOD-Duo. BTW: How can I connect to the MOD-Duo with ssh?

well, yeah, reset is supposed to start at the web ui side.
as I said, this is completely unsupported. you’ll have to figure out things for yourself.

The mod-ui code is open though. See the list of possible commands here:

Ok - many thanks!