Trigger AMS Envelope via footswitch

Hi. Can anyone help me acheive this please? Iwant to modulate a pedal parameter with the envelope but to trigger it with my foot


Are you asking to change a pedal parameter, using an envelope, triggered by your foot?

If so, could you adapt the solution here: CV/MIDI plugins wishes - #15 by Kim

Replacing the ‘Slew limiter’ in the chain with the CV envelope that meets your needs?

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Hey Thanks so much. This is really helpful, but i actually meant I’d want to use the footswitch of the dwarf unit, not an external midi footswitch. Any ideas?

I basically need a CV module which allows me to assign a momentary footswitch to enable a CV output

edit: that was a little premature. I’ve managed to solve this by simply automating the power of Control to CV with momentary footswitch. This has opened up a lot of possibilities!!