Translate value to musical tempo error

Labelling of Dotted 8th and triplets should be swapped around.

Example, at 120bpm, dotted 8th should be at 375ms and triplet at 206ms. Whereas when you choose 1/8T you will get 375ms, 1/8. will translate to 206ms.

I’m using Dwarf, at v1.11.1.2644


Thanks for reporting. We will take a look to confirm if that is indeed wrong.

@JamKid so we managed to confirm the bug.
Although your calculations are also not correct.
Right now, at 120bpm, you get the following:
dotted 8th = 166.67
8th = 250
8th triplet = 375

But it should be:
dotted 8th = 375
8th = 250
8th triplet = 166.67

We will try to fix it asap. Thanks once again


Seems like the labelling hasn’t been fixed yet?

Correct. We are looking into quite a few tempo-related things for v1.14 release, so will give this part some attention too.

The v1.13 is under final testing phase, to be out as stable release quite soon. Development for v1.14 already started, so a proper fix won’t take much longer now