Transferring Pedalboards from Duo to Dwarf

So I just tried backing up my pedalboard and LV2 plugins from the Duo to a USB stick and restoring the data to the Dwarf. Got an error that restoring from the stick failed. Is it not possible to move pedalboards from the Duo to the Dwarf except by sharing them to the web?

Also of note, when I got that error in the Dwarf webgui, there was no way to clear the error (like “OK” or an “x” to close) and I just hadd to reload the entire page. Adding a way to accept that message would be helpful but low-priority, I know!

Side note: I put in a request to have my plugin licenses added to the Dwarf on 4/23, got a reply from support on 5/3 and it still appears that my plugins aren’t authorized. Kind of a bummer that I have this Dwarf and zero motivation to use it because I can neither transfer my pedalboards nor use my fave plugins!

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Hi @bleo,
Going onto your issues one by one.
For now the best way to port the pedalboards from your Duo to the Dwarf is indeed by using the web page.
Thanks for the suggestion on the error message.
Regarding the licences, the delay on the support answer was due to an issue on the support management platform that was putting the new tickets on the spam folder. Hopefully it got solved by itself, but I need to keep a close eye on it. We still didn’t give you the licences because joining all the amount of work that is keeping us really busy, we are trying to find a more suitable solution to give these licences since we expect way more users to have this issue. Hopefully we will get your specific issue solved soon, even if it needs to be on the old fashion way.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Just checking in again to see if uploading to the web page is still the best/only way to transfer pedalboards from a Duo to a Dwarf and vice-versa? I’m doing a bunch of testing and want to send WIP boards back and forth between my two Mod devices and I kinda don’t want to clutter up the official pedalboard feed with a bunch of messy test boards with insane MIDI routing that no one else would ever benefit from!


I believe that nothing changed here.
I’m not sure, but maybe @falkTX can tell you some way via ssh

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Correct, nothing changed for this yet.

Ok cool! I’ll try to keep the junk pedalboards to a minimum!