Transferring pedalboards between PatchboxOS/MODEP and the Dwarf

Hello everyone!

I am an impatient Mod Dwarf backer and Linux/DIY enthusiast. I am having a bit of trouble waiting for the Dwarf as will be part of my new guitar rack build. My thought was that as I have an extra Raspberry Pi and interface hanging about, I would install Patchbox OS with MODEP and use it as a placeholder in the rack so that I can at least get a jump on programming sounds.

My questions are…

  1. Is there an easy way to get pedalboards out of MODEP and into the Dwarf when it arrives?
  2. Are they 100% compatible (aside from DSP horsepower)?
  3. If they are not 100% compatible, what are the differences, and is this endeavor even worth it?

I appreciate any insight the community might have regarding this.


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First of all thanks a lot for your support and for your patience. We are doing our best to ship the devices asap.

I may be wrong, but I think you can still use the “Share pedalboard” feature on the WebGUI. Can we @falkTX?

As far as I know, the OS versions may only be more limited (have fewer things)

No, MODEP does not have access to that.

They are far from being 100% compatible.
We build very specific versions of plugins, with very specific patches. Pretty much everything contained in the mod-plugin-builder source repository.
MODEP uses a mix of linux-distribution-provided bundles plus compiled-through-a-script ones.
I have no idea how good or bad its quality are tbh

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ok. Thanks for the corrections @falkTX :slight_smile: