Transfering profile from Tonex Pedal

Is there a way to change/load presents from Tonex Pedal to json format? Maybe using audio interface? I have few dosens of great profiles on my tonex, it would be great to have them also on duoX and dwarf.

My guess is that it is unlikely to be converted, looks like this is a proprietary technology, and nobody knows what is inside their ML tech to build such converter. And even open tech can differ enough to be a blocker for converting directly.

You still can try use tonex to reamp and train aidax like from any other generic amp/processor…


I supposed that it is not transferable, I will try to find a way to make a profile from audio, using interface.

Is there a way to “record” profile by audio interface and save it as a json?

Do you still have the audio files used for training the profiles you mentioned?

Hi Gianfranco,

I have not recorded any waves using tonex yet, I’ve got a try with overdrive - DOD looking glass.
Do you need original files from tonex?

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The training process has an input file and an output file (your Dry sound and the processed sound from the amp). If you have these two audio files you could train an AIDA model.