Tracking Synth Pad for Guitar

Hey guys first time post.

I’m a worship pastor and play a lot of lead guitar and acoustic and I have an idea but I don’t know how to build it out.

So a while ago there was a post about a pitch tracker to create synth pad undertones to whatever you’re playing.

My idea and I don’t know if it’s possible. Using the pitch tracking to create random synth pad undertones to what I’m playing. Sometimes I’m a loan guitarist and if my Mod could accompany me when I’m playing I think it’d be cool. Especially if it worked with the pedal board I’m already using.

Anybody built something like this?


Hi! Welcome to the forum! There is a plugin called “Waves” which does something like that. I havent really tried it with guitar, but for handpan its really beautiful! Or else there is the Shiroverbs with shimmer effetcs which might be what you are looking for! Have fun finding your sounds!


I used to do something similar with my GR20.

I used to do a slow attack pad with a 50:50 mix with guitar.

Worked especially well when strumming One by U2 etc

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Where would I find that? I’ve looked through the store, beta, and my pedal inventory and can’t find it.


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Hello @Munverzagt,

please have a look at this plugin page.

There are 2 pedalboards that use this plugin:


Hope that helps you find out if it works for you.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


I also can’t find Waves as a beta in the plugin store, nor can I get either of these pedalboard to load on my Dwarf (getting an error “Can’t find bundle to install”). Very strange!

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I never seen that plugin… so I suspect this is one that published on the store for Duo, perhaps Duo x, but never got a Dwarf build.
The pedalboards are 3 years old, so kinda fits in this theory.



Got it on MDX. It is after recent reset and installing just everything from the store, so it is not something that was left from ancient times on my unit.

It’s beta, according to screenshot above.


Also just confirmed it’s in the Duo plugin store. So just no Dwarf build…


Sorry for my late reply. Looks like you found it?

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i can’t find it into the store… can you help me?

why i don’t have in store??

It’s not in the Mod Dwarf plugin store, just the Mod Duo X and Mod Duo stores in the beta section.

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According to the wall of text above, I can guess that there can be two different reasons:

  1. You have Mod Dwarf and this plugin seems to be absent in store for Dwarf specifically, for reasons I do not know.
  2. You have Mod Duo X or Mod Duo, but had not enabled Beta plugins in settings here:

    and in the filter when searching for the plugin:

love you man!