Touchscreen interface for FOSS Version

A min-barrage of questions for the folks that have worked with the FOSS code available on github. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with the 7" touchscreen, that I’m in the process of building the MOD-Host and MOD-UI code on

Does anybody know of a simple touchscreen interface for MODEP? Can the display on the hardware products be displayed on an attached screen?

If not, has anybody looked into rolling their own? It wouldn’t really need much:

  • Current Pedalboard
  • Current Screen
  • CPU Consumption
  • XRuns
  • Next/Previous Pedalboard
  • Next/Previous Scene

It looks like there is a Python API, but I haven’t dug into it yet.

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MODEP is not an official product in any way.
You should ask about it on the blockas or zynthian forums, not here.


Sorry, Copy&Paste error. I’m asking over here regarding touchscreen support when building MOD-Host & MOD-UI from the MOD Devices GitHub sources. I’m seeing Python methods to query about pedalboards, but no method to set them. I’m also assuming it would be possible to dissect the main web page and pull-out the parts needed, but I’d rather hit an API directly instead of adding an additional HTTP layer.

I’m looking in both the official and MODEP forums to see if anybody has/had started down this path, to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

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There is no proper API for that though, because its usage is internal and tied to the frontend / web view.
So it won’t be a stable interface to rely on.

At some point years ago we began moving away from HTTP requests into websocket ones, because websockets tend to be faster. But we only did so for the most critical paths so far, later on more could be ported over. So, relying on a stable API for mod-ui is a bad idea at this point, things will change and will break your side of the code.

If you want a stable interface for such things, best to roll your own code for it.


I was too focused on just the mod-host and mod-ui codebases. How much capability is available in the mod-app project? I could use that as a base and write a 7" appropriate pytk frontend

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This is just a more convenient way to launch mod-host and mod-ui processes from a desktop system.