TouchOSC Kindle problems

Ok need the nerds tonight.

I use TouchOSC on my Kindle Fire tablets which have Google play side loaded on as the cool kids do.

However I have just lost my main layout to corruption so when it uploaded to my main kindle it wiped a lot of data.

Luckily I have it on my 2nd kindle fully working but can can I find where TouchOSC is installed on the kindle . That way I can copy it and save it again in fully working.

I have opened it with various PC and file free explorers , searches don’t work but it definitely up and running.

Any of you guys got an Idea of 2 that might help.

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set the kindle as a server on the editor network and connect a client (pc,mac,tablet)


You legend didn’t even think to use new version


I forgot to say the layout I need to save and distribute is on the original TouchOSC Rather than the new one so really struggling to connect it to new editor

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