Touch screen tablet


I’m trying to get a tablet working with dwarf. Eventually trying to use touch osc to create digital midi controller.

I’ve got an android 10 tablet connected over Bluetooth but I don’t think midi over Bluetooth is supported yet.

I’ve tried USB connection with various cables including OTG in usb-a \ usb-b to no avail.

Tablet is teclast p20hd and has usb-c port.

Has anyone gotten any tablet (windows\android) connected to usb-b with GUI accessible along with midi working?

As mention above will be only using it as midi board.

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I get no option for midi mode only files or camera (mtp/ptp).

Which of those should I use for midi?

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then the feature seems not implemented. Do you have an Android phone to test it?

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Nope - trying to get a different tablet to see if that is supported. May end up going with windows device.

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this thread has also a lot of infos if you just starting out