Top Gunn

I made a new pedalboard in the spirit of the lead guitar sound that Steve Stevens plays in the Top Gun theme.

After the solo part, I made an adaptation of the theme with a classic finger fingering and created a clean ambient patch for it.
We can very well use these three sounds in another context.

Too bad that the changes of snapshots generate a gross cut of the effects.


It is a cool board! The sounds are amazing! I will try this board this sevening after returning from office.


Dann, you wrote: “Too bad that the changes of snapshots generate a gross cut of the effects”. You can avoid this in my opinion by using Control Voltage PlugIns. I created something to turn the knob for endless decay. Take a look here: (Kitschy ambient)[Kitschy ambient - MOD Devices].

If you want to fade out the effects, like reverb ro something comparable, you should add a control voltage plugin that turns down e.g. the decay within half a second or a second. Then there will be no intersection of effects any more and also the transition will be smooth.


Your pedalboard is very good.

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Thank you very much. You asked if an external Midi controller is necessary. Yes, it is. I use the Jet MCX or the Morningstar MC3. Both are stompboxes and they have brilliant Web Interfaces for preparing them to send the right commands. For this pedalboard it is a simple CC command.


Thanks a lot! Yours is also very good! I like it!