Tone challenge

Hi everyone,

not sure if it is already partially covered on the forum, but I’d like to have something like the following going on :

Someone asks the community how to emulate best a particular tone found on a particular piece of music from any source, and other people on the forum try to come up with the pedalboard (and the explication of the settings, including of the guitar itself) that comes the nearest and, obviously, some demos.

Something in the spirit of this video

I think that would really help newbies like me to understand better what they’ve got in their arsenal and how to use the plugins best.

For instance, I’d like to emulate :

  1. The standard strat sound heard in most of John Frusciante’s stuff
  2. The clear and distorted tones achieved by Frank Zappa in the Watermelon in Easter hay solo (the Joe’s Garage record version).

I know that we already have the pedalboard library full of examples, but I think it would be great to have a significant group of people debating about a particular challenge and arguing about how to achieve something even closer.


I, personally, think this is a wonderful idea.

I think that many of the potentials of the Duo get lost in the unstructured bucket of the pedalboard library.

There are lots of awesome pedalboards there, but it’s almost impossible to navigate or sort through them, except by pedals thay use, but for the average, novice guitar or bass user, like me, it’s not enough.

I imagine the newbie user would just think something on the line of: “Where is an Angus Young sound?” or “I want the sound Tom Morello uses in Killing in the Name”.

I’d really like to see a “reference pedalboard library” build up which prominently features recreation of famous artists/songs sounds. This could be IMHO one of the best ways to attract new users.

And the OP idea of kicking it out with a sort of “contest” among the users, seems lots of fun.


I suppose the forum could just add a “Tone Challenge” category.


@Azza done =>

If you guys give me a “about” text I’ll update the description.


What about

“Debate about how to best recreate your favourite song’s tones. Benefit from input from more experienced users and learn more about all the plugins at your disposal !”

And a huge thank you for your super quick reactivity !!!


That sounds really good @Azza ! Great idea.
For now, may a suggest? People can submit the pedalboards to users’ evaluation and we’ll produce a video with the board elected the neatest.

We’d also add the challenge to the next newsletter to activate users that haven’t been accessing the forum lately.

I’m not saying this out loud, but I’ll think about some sort of prize to motivate more people to engage. Something sustainable, that we could give away on a steady basis.

What do you think? Let’s build this up together?

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Well I wasn’t expecting so much dedication from you guys, but I think it’s fantastic !

Thanks for the support to this idea !