Toggle SYNC without going into settings

I have the Dwarf set up as a master MIDI clock, it works nicely. However, each time I power up I have to go into the Menu, then Settings, scroll to SYNC, enter it and set SEND CLOCK to OFF, and back ON again. If I don’t do that then the other MIDI devices don’t receive a signal.

Is there a way to expose that functionality to a button in the Pedalboard?

Similarly it would be useful to start/stop the TEMPO with the PLAY button in the TOOLS menu without switching between TOOLS and the Pedalboard.

I’ll be happy to read about any workarounds people might have for these. I have considered using something else for clocking the Dwarf and then I think I could avoid these ergonomic issues but as I understand it the sync isn’t great when slaved to other MIDI clocks.