Toggle switches with MIDI notes?

Hello all!

I have a PD12 which is a MIDI controller with 12 ‘drum’ pads which output midi notes to channel 10. I’d like to use it as a switch for effects in a pedal board. The problem… midi learn works, but it doesnt seem to work with notes. Is there a way to make this work? Or am I out of luck with a controller which only outputs note messages?

@lfz Hi! This is possible through a slightly hack-ish manner:
-take the x42 note to CC plugin
-route that plugin to the hardware (din) midi output
-connect a cable between the hardware (din) midi output and input

see the thread below for more info:


Haha, I like that. Unfortunately I don’t have any MIDI cables here right now, but I’ll get one to try one right away.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this MIDI loop with software as of now? Seems like it would be something jack connections could handle…

I’d love if a specially marked “mod control” midi output port were available, even though it would be delayed by one period its better than nothing.

Thanks for this info! I actually got it to work well for me. Even though it is a “hack” currently.

Can we revisit this topic? Can the MOD software be changed to allow MIDI notes to be used for switching effects on and off? I’ve been playing with the AKAI APCmini and plan to have support for it in the LP3 plugin both for triggers and for the LEDs showing loop status. I would love if I could assign functions to buttons instead of having a static mapping built into the LP3. Also it would be great to use it to turn effects on and off.