Toggle on Plugins: settings snapshot or pedalboard dependent

I think it would be a good idea to improve the usability of the Dwarf to add a toggle switch to the settings of all plugins which determines whether the settings in that plugin are ‘snapshot dependent’ or ‘pedal board dependent’.

What does this mean?
Example. You have a board with e.g., 5 snapshots including e.g. a Highpass Filter plugin (HPp).
The first time you add the HPp it is still pedalboard dependent, meaning that the settings on the plugin (frequency) will be the default for all the snapshots when the pedal board is saved. However, when saving snapshot changes, the settings of the plugin becomes snapshot dependent, meaning that any change you want to make should be made in all the snapshots.

I find myself having this problem a lot of times when optimizing a pedalboard, which is unnecessary labour intensive, hard to do in a live situation and also error prone.


I may be wrong, but if you add a plugin on a pedalboard it will retain as a default (e.g. pedalboard dependant) set of paramenters the values at the time you first save the pedalboard.

Then you can modify them only for the snapshots you want.

E.g. I add a big muff, turn it off and save the PB. After that it will be turned off for all snapshots. Then I load my “Distorted” snapshot, turn on the muff, save the snapshot, save the pedalboard. From now on all snapshots will have the big muff turned off except the “Distorted” one

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Actually absence of this feature keeps me away from using snapshots in the first place.
I just do not want snapshots to control every plugin on the board.

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Yes, but this is exactly the problem! You can not control whether it is snapshot or pedalboard dependent. In your case. when you want to change something later in the settings of the Big Muff, you have to run through all your snapshots to see whether this change is taken over in the snapshot or not.

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Oh, I see.

To ease this process I make use of effect presets. Not perfect but quite fast

Instead of snapshots?