To MOD or not to MOD


The past few days I’ve reading about the MOD Duo device, and I was wondering how the MOD Duo compares to Native Instruments Guitar Rig on a sound quality level. I’ve been testing their solution since version 1, but because a laptop is a requirement to perform I never used is live. I certainly like the concept, but I would like to know how users expereince the MOD on stage/in a live situation… preferably bass players :slight_smile:

Currently I use a “classic” pedalboard containing a compressor, octaver, etc… all from MXR, I hope to replace it by a more granular/cheaper but good-sounding solution.


Yes to MOD…that is the answer;)


As a bass player I really love my MOD, but it was kind of a long way to find out how to set everything up for my needs.
I nearly always add a mixer pedal after every effect-stage to mix the dry signal with the affected signal to keep the bass punchy. And I use the tiny amplifiers a lot to obtain the right amount of gain for the different effects.

But after you found your stile you can do a lot of super nice things with the MOD.
For me it replaced my ElectroHarmonix POG, my self built CaveDweller Delay, my EBS UniChorus, and I use many of the distortion effects.
I espacially like all the time-based effects on the MOD. They sound really awesome!

What it didn’t replace is my SansAmp VT-Bass preamp and my EBS MultiComp.
Apart from Brummers VoxBass Preamp theres bassically no dedicated preamp for bass, and I wasn’t able to recreate the MultiComp with the provided compressors, but thats maybe possible if you dig deep enough into it.

So in summary I really recommend this pedal, but be prepared that it takes some time to get used to it! :slight_smile:

I’ve read this moment theres a SVT plugin made by brummer in the unstabe section, so thats an additional nice bass preamp to try. :slight_smile:


Definetely. MOD. :slight_smile:
But really, you won’t find anyone here who says otherwise, we’re all a bit biased because we own it and find it awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness: Take a look at what @solobasssteve does with the mod. For example:
I guess there you get a sense of the MOD Duos sound quality with bass.

To using GuitarRig: RigKontrol3 is about 200/300€, NI GuitarRig Pro is 200€, so better buy a mod, get 2 Inputs and limitless Possibilities. I have a RigKontrol3 lying around, but haven’t tested the latency. But technically and just from a logical point of view the latency of an USB device/interface can never compare to the MOD Duo.


@G-Sizzle, @domlo, @CharlyRebell, thanks for the replies!

Good to hear that the MOD can be used in a live-setup and that it was actually already used to replace analog pedals like the POG, UniChorus, … I will definitely look into the options of the MOD to see how it can replace as much of my existing pedals. My main concern is to keep the bass sound as authentic as possible depending on the instrument, the strings, … combined with the amp. Pre-amps/compressors are a challenge when used as a pedal, to be checked within the MOD :slight_smile:

I will check the Brummer plug-ins for sure!

Time is right to find the money!

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