Tinygain mono/control to cv for muting


I’m trying to mute an input/output of my mod duo and thought that using the tinygain mono plugin would help. It does, if it is turned on and then muted.

However, I would like to control this with one footswitch at the same time. Therefore, I had a look at CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki but I can’t seem to turn on tinygain mono and mute at the same time.

I have named the control to cv and assigned this cv name to turning on tinygain mono as well as mute. Do I have to do any advanced settings somewhere?

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If you need to mute, maybe you can use a switchbox, with a second output of switchbox connected to nothing? Basically, in “down” position it will work as a mute in this case:


I’ll try that, thank you!

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This is my usual method as well.