Tighter midi sync, or better midi clock

I am wondering if midi sync and midi clock are on the horizon to be improved in future releases?

I use the Alo looper a lot, and notice that if I sync it to midi, the result is that the loop will slide out of sync very quickly, like within 32 bars. If I set the Mod Duo X to use its internal clock, and match the external BPM, the results are much tighter, but it understandably slides out of sync in less than a minute.

I doubt the Alo looper adjusts the playback speed of what it captures, but if it always started the playback on the beat, like a sampler, that would be better. I may need to figure out a way to use it like a sampler instead of a looper. I assume the audio is just looping in the background at whatever tempo it happened to capture at that moment, and any midi tempo discrepancy is just amplified with each pass of the loop.


I have noticed this with using external clocks as well.

Had a setup with the DuoX, synced to my BeatstepPro, running an arpeggiator and I couldn’t get the arp to sync properly to the rest of the setup. Very close, but not tight at all.

With an Eventide Timefactor or a Cirklon I have a (relatively) stable clock. With this external clock the duox also runs stable.
But the topic is very complex and few devices have a stable clock, here

are a few comparisons of different devices.

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