Tidying Up Pedalboards

After using the mod for getting on for 2 years I now have something like 100 pedalboards - but perhaps only 10 of which I really want to keep. Deleting them through the UI would take a long time.

So I was wondering about going through filezilla and just deleting the .pedalboard folders. But before I did that, I was wondering if maybe they are pointed to by other files - and would there be any unintended consequences of doing so?


only part where pedalboards are referenced are banks, so you should be ok.

pedalboards are stored in /root/.pedalboards/ on the file system.
do note that SFTP is not enabled by default, as otherwise it would be too easy to accidentally delete important files on the system.


Hi @falkTX

It seemed to be fine. The only thing to remember was to restart the mod after making the changes in filezilla.

One other question though. It seems the folder names are not the same as the name of the pedalboard as it appears in the browser. Here are some of mine on filezilla


And here on the pedalboard

I have a LIVE_COULDNTEVEN(2) on the pedalboard which does not seem to have a corresponding folder on the system. I have a LIVE_DOPERSDELIGHT in the browser which is LIVE_DOPERSDELIG in the folder. But I cant work out where the mapping between the browser visible names and the pedalboard folders are.


that would be inside the pedalboard folder, there is a big ttl file that contains the full title near the bottom of the file.

these folder names are not meant to be user visible like that, so their names do not always match for a variety of reasons. could be name truncation, pedalboard rename while keeping same folder or manually folder rename.

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Thanks very much - found it now.