Three plugin questions from a new MOD developer

Hi folks,

I was wondering:

  1. Can a plugin draw a custom UI on the Dwarf LCD screen? For example, a looper might want to show where in the loop you are, or a compressor might want to draw a meter showing the amount of gain reduction.

  2. Is there any way for plugins to auto-update, or do users have to go the store from time to time and click update manually?

  3. Is there a way to see how much CPU and RAM each plugin is using, rather than just the system totals? For example, I was hoping to click on the CPU and RAM meters in the Constructor web UI and get a dialog with a breakdown of usage per plugin.


1.) A plugin could connect via HMI and use predefined widgets on the screen but cant define it’s own widgets to draw on the LCD screen.

2.) No way!

3.) No,

Thanks for the replies. I’ve added a suggestion in the Plugins forum about whether the web UI could detect new plugin versions and offer to upgrade them, the same way we detect new system versions and offer to upgrade.


Is there a way to see how much CPU and RAM each plugin is using

Not sure if that helps, but if your plugin is compiled for desktop, you could load it in Ardour, which has individual plugin resource usage metrics. There are even builds for arm64 in case you have a recent RasPi lying around.